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She did this in the middle of a 17lb weight cut?

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Some reactions to the finger gesture can be read here:

I think I understand a little more about her so called attitude now that I have thought about it. I have trained BJJ and Judo. BJJ is a slow and methodical game. Judo is much more fast paced and intense. The competition during randori over the years has turned Ronda into who she is. In Judo, you are competing for the ippon (making your opponent land on their back). The attitude is like the Cobra Kai - strike fast, strike hard, no mercy. If the match does indeed hit the ground, you must skillfully with speed get the tap before the ref stands you back up. This is far different from the chess game that BJJ is.

Her comp only grew as she reached the higher Olympic levels. Imagine constantly being in a highly intense and competitive situation since your childhood and winning! What kind of person would that make you? Along with the fact that her mom is also a decorated Judoka...we need to collectively give Ronda a pass.

Sure she is harsh and abrasive...sure you do not want your little girls giving their competitors the finger...but imagine being in her shoes for a moment. Imagine losing NEVER being an option. I cannot even imagine being weakened from cutting weight and still having to do that climb. I have to give that woman her props. So many props, in fact, that any part of me that would feel the slightest annoyance from the California state bird is out the window. She deserves a middle finger pass on that one.

But more importantly, like Jessamyn pointed out in the link above, the mental focus that enables her to perform like that is quite awesome indeed.

I personally would have tapped from the neck crank Carmouche put on her. Losing is an option to me. Fear of injury may have something to do with it...but Ronda assessed the situation, defended the position and got her armbar. This focus makes for entertaining fights but it also reminds us of how we should deal with the inevitable adversity we are all bound to face.

So the next time life throws an obstacle at you, invoke the Rousey spirit and just PRETEND you are shooting the bird at your issue after you defeat it...just to let it know you don't play around :)

Does she have a point?

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I would like the Cyborg fight to happen as much as the next person... but is there actually evidence Cyborg has been abusing her body?

b. Physical side effects
First, lets discuss the obvious, the physical side effects. Look at a non-user and notice the curves a woman naturally possesses- wider hips, a slender waistline, and a beautiful, pure shape to her breasts. Some call it the "coke-bottle" figure. When you look at a user, the natural curves have become very straight, her physique is very defined, and her breasts have atrophied, meaning they have decreased in size and have degenerated. Virilization is occurring, or she is developing male character traits. Her body is now retaining much more sodium, so her face and eyes can appear puffy. Over time, a woman will develop a male body type and experience male aging characteristics. A woman's voice deepens and can permanently become hoarse.

is she just goading cyborg?

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"My coach said from the start that Gina is the worst style matchup for me," Rousey said. "I'm not just saying that. I don't have to worry about fighters outmuscling or overwhelming me or catching me on the mat. The only thing I have to worry about is the one-punch knockout.

And out of all of the women in MMA, Gina has the best feel for distance and timing. That's not something you lose because you made a couple of movies. You'll always have that. And she was the first girl I ever saw that had a one-punch standing knockout."

The elephant in the room is the Cyborg fight. Why is she motivating Cyborg to train harder?

She sounds like she wants the Cyborg fight now...

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FYI - Baars would have KO'd Rousey in 1 round in Muay Thai rules...

"She was fighting, it was a while ago, and she just got dropped five times in a match," said Rousey as transcribed by Guilherme Cruz for MMAFighting. "And really, to be honest, I haven’t been really too impressed with her actual skill set. It’s only her strength that she draws off.

"If you remember when she fought Gina, she pulled her into mount two different times. Those are very grievous technical mistakes. The mistakes that she makes technically are absolutely terrible and basic. The only reason why she gets away with it is because of her strength, and people don’t realize how strong I actually am. Ask the girls that I’ve fought. They weren’t expecting this. Because I don’t look like it, it doesn’t mean I don’t have it.

"She doesn’t have any feeling in her punches, she pushes her punches. She can’t knock people out with one punch, she just overwhelms them. My pace, nobody can overwhelm me. And the way that she is on the ground, it’s absolute horrendous. And her distance is absolute horrendous. The only thing that she has is pace and power, and I have pace, precision and power."

"I think that everybody has something, and I think that she would still be a great competitor at 135, but I think that she knows that it would be much harder for her to get away with doping and to make weight at 135. That’s why she resisted for so long. But then when she saw she had no other options, she started cutting down.

"But she’s still outside the organization, going outside the country. I’m sure she’s trying to dope as long as possible and then come into the UFC. But it doesn’t matter. I grew up fighting in judo and I knew there were people out there doping, but I never used that as an excuse to do it. I just wanted to beat them despite of it. ‘You know what, you can have every advantage in the world over me, you can have better funding, you can have a better program, be on all the drugs in the world, but I’m gonna be good enough to beat you despite of it.’

"The reason why people dope is because they lack self-confidence. The reason why she was using steroids is because that girl does not believe that the best that she has is good enough, and that will always be there in her mind. And you know what, she’s right. The best that she has isn’t good enough, even on drugs."

"I would fight her, but 24 hours after the announcement of out-of-competition drug testing, she asked to be released from the UFC. I’m under contract with the UFC, I can’t leave. She can come back whenever she wants, I’m here."

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