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The really sad part ( @DrJCBenjamin ) ...

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I keep reading these stories about how sad people are to see Chael go.

The real sadness of it all is :

“Was Chael Sonnen a big time collegiate wrestler? Yes he was. I'm going to opine and say to you, there's no way in the world you get to the level of collegiate wrestling that Chael Sonnen was at, with hypogonadism. Let me explain to you why. Hypogonadism means that the testes did not produce enough testosterone for one to normally mature. He wasn't on TRT as a teenager. He became this big, muscled up monster and NCAA wrestler with hypogonadism? Hell no.

The truth of the matter is, you could never get to that level, because you're not going to have the muscle mass and strength to get you there. They're going to run you over. Your body will not allow you to develop enough muscle and strength to compete at your size. If he has hypogonadism, it's from one thing, and one thing only, because he treated himself with steroids in the past, and wrecked his testes. That's it.”

It is sad that he (a well known cheater) almost became the (27 more seconds!!!)

It is sad that he set the precedent of trash talking and posturing to get big fights. Joe Silva needs to make the most competitive fights, not be swayed by the court of public opinion. Now trash talk seems to be the norm and fans LOVE IT! Thanks Chael.

But the saddest part is that this man will probably be on some sort of testosterone for the rest of his life. Kids need to see this and learn from it. Glory is fleeting. Your health should be paramount.

Props to GSP for taking a break because he saw all of this. And props to Dr. Ben for pointing this out. but I think his primary goal in this instance was public health awareness.

The only fight left for Anderson is this guy

I want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. I do not understand why this guy has so many fans.

Consumers (fans) set the standard. If fighters see that being a disrespectful cornball will get you limelight, they will start being disrespectful cornballs. I thought people wanted to see skills DURING a fight...not pre fight hype (talk).

Thus, get the fight with Anderson out of the way as soon as possible.

Anderson, stay injury free and do not drop the hands...thanks.

He sounds scared to me...

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"Well, it was nice to see the real Anderson come through," Sonnen said on Tuesday's new episode of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV. "The guy is a dirt bag, like I've told you for years. He made a lot of statements about breaking my teeth and bones, but it's not like I've never been to the orthodontists before or had my jaw stapled. What he didn't say was that he was going to break my spirit, or my will, and beat me for the belt. I don't care if he breaks my jaw, or I need staples, I kind of expect it. I think he was one off from saying he would give me a knuckle-sandwich, I'm just glad the real Anderson came out."

Sorry Chael's Mom...

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Your son gets big fights via popular trash talk. Sometimes that trash talk involves dissing an entire nation/culture. Whatever happens to Chael as a result of his trash talk is his own fault. I think maybe he never learned there are consequences to his actions. I am guessing he should have been spanked more as a child. The stuff he has said warrants a beatdown...sorry

"If it wasn’t for me, you would be thrashing around the jungle w/a blowgun trying’ to catch breakfast."

"You’re lucky your brother Joe’s the matchmaker or you’d be sellin’ barbecued monkey on the street in Manaus.”

"Hey Anderson, stick to what your country does best; like soccer or harboring infectious disease. "

"Machida is not a bad guy; he's a victim of the Brazilian education system."

"I went to the internet. And if I had the foggiest idea that they had computers in Brazil, I wouldn’t have done that.”

"Greetings from Sao Paulo! I'm learning the language: breakdancing in the Special Olympics is called Capoiera and cocaine is called brunch."

And the one that got him his initial backlash to begin with (

"Ed, pray to whatever Demon effigy you prance and dance in front of with your piglet tribe of savages that I decide not to crucify you"

is Chael a racist?

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"If I say something in a very private manner that isn't intended for a certain audience, come on, you can't hold that against me," said Sonnen in 2011 "I picked my medium very carefully when I talked about Brazil. I went to the internet. And if I had the foggiest idea that they had computers in Brazil, I wouldn't have done that."

"Ed, pray to whatever Demon effigy you prance and dance in front of with your piglet tribe of savages that I decide not to CRUCIFY you," he tweeted.

"If they sell 100,000 tickets I hope they put them in a nice ball, turn them sideways and shove them straight up their a--," it reads. "That’s what they can do with the Brazilian crowd."


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"I didn't think I'd be tested for another 44 days," said Sonnen as transcribed by Dave Doyle for MMAFighting. "I tried to game the system.

"I was hit on a surprise test that was 44 days before a fight. Generally in our business we're tested fight night, so whatever it is you're doing or you're not doing, you gotta show up clean on fight day. When I talk about being dirty, I'm not talking about steroids or illegal drugs. I gotta make this distinction, if you ever failed a drug test, you are automatically taking something illegal and they were steroids, that's just the way it works in people's minds. Well, first off, none of them were illegal, and none of them were steroids, but I never offered a defense. I turned in my prescriptions. I got this from the doctor, this was valid stuff, but, these are still against the rules, I knew it. "

"I'm a grown man. I knew what I was doing I thought I could have my cake and eat it too. I can take this, I can feel great, they make me feel good, and that's one of the problems I have. They go ‘these are performance enhancers.' I go, 'guys, why else am I taking it?' I'm not showing up to the doctors saying doc 'do you have anything to make me feel worse?'"

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