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This was nice of Bob

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"I just wanted to let you all know what a great man Bob Sapp is. Today he accepted a fight with a promoter and in his stipulations he included that they must pay Gary Goodridge $500 to help with brain injury. This should not go unnoticed and should be commended. Thanks Bob, your heart and your memory is as big as you are. please no fighter bashing. For those who don't know Bob, he is a great man. Going to pick up money from the post office right now."

So Sapp's legacy needs to be reconsidered?

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“Towards the end of my career what ended up happening is I had some large medical bills at that time for being a professional fighter our medical bills we had to get carried by our self which means we are unable to get medical insurance so we had to pay everything in cash so if you get a gash on your eye that’s going to cost you roughly about 7,000 US dollars if you of course have to pay for your trainer and you want to pay for your manager and of course just your normal living expenses if your fighting for about 40,000 dollars after taxes your looking at about 31,000 is what your going to have. Now if your paying your trainer and your manager 10% and then you’ve got to do another 7,000 dollars for a bill just for your fighting that can really really put you in the hole. Now towards the end of my career I had to make a decision should I number 1 help others which means should have I given someone my money to the fighters that came before me and pay some of their medical bills for some of them that had brain damage same thing with some of the pro wrestlers should I also give back to my fans should I allow them to come to some of my fighting events should I then go around the world and make sure I can of course collect revenue and I of course can share my revenue with all of the fans before I do end and that’s exactly what I did. As far as what retired me it’s very simple I have what’s called accountability I have the ability to do my own accounting and when you have well over 10 million dollars there's no longer a need to step into the ring anymore so when your able to do that and follow the great steps of financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey when your able to put that all together with the wisdom and the truth that you encountered through your travels one of which of course is Japan when you combine the two that gives you profitability so now I have the ability to strictly make a profit.

“I no longer have a need to go into the ring for 40,000 for a fight when I’m making well last month it was somewhere in that realm of over 1 million dollars. I don’t need to do that any longer.”

Sapp pulls a Dennis Rodman

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"Sapp, who briefly played lineman for the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears before hitting it big in the ring in Japan, is in North Korea with about 20 other pro wrestlers for an exhibition this weekend. The show will be the first sports event featuring celebrity foreigners since former NBA star Dennis Rodman played a basketball game for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's birthday in January."

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