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@danawhite will not give a 12-0 fighter a chance in the UFC??

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Show some respect! I thought Dana was more respectful...I always stick up for him when people diss him...

It is hard to see his side on this.

Kimbo Slice got a UFC fight...James Toney got a UFC fight...

The undefeated champion from the 2nd best organization cannot even get an undercard fight? Is this some sort of ploy or tactic?
Ben is one of the most decorated wrestlers - 153-8 in college with 91 friggin pins!

So this is what MMA has become? You fear a grind out ground match because this is not exciting TV?

What about proving what is effective in a combat situation and what is not? The - this is what the founders set out to prove right? Won't Ben Askren have his weaknesses broadcast throughout eternity if he loses? Will the UFC not prove that they are indeed the best org if he gets dominated by someone not in the top 5? Or do you fear his wrestling pedigree will dethrone your 170 lb champ with ease giving Bellator more shine than you think they are worthy of having?

I don't care about the motive. Ben has worked incredibly hard to accomplish what he has done. Respect should be automatic.

@danawhite 's @BjornRebney beef prevents best fights possible

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props to Ben for:

"But having Dana tell me to go [to WSOF] was something that was definitely, it was in the back of my mind. Like, dude I'm not going to let this guy push me around. I don't event work for this guy and he's going to push me around?"

and Ben makes another valid point:

"They've got 84 guys on roster, and frankly, I'd beat half of those dudes with one arm tied behind my back and blindfolded," Askren continued. "Some of those guys, they really suck. They're really bad at the sport of MMA. So when it came down to it, I think it's all about the Bellator bickering and whatnot."

Support Ben by buying some of his stuff

He disses #FIFA

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"It was really the first time I watched soccer all year," said Askren, "I was really appalled when I am seeing all these guys falling on the ground, rolling around, crying. And then you know the worst part about it is, they show the instant replay and you can tell - most of these guys, they don't even get hit, they're faking it."

"When I'm thinking of sports, when I'm thinking of a boy growing up and being a man, I'm thinking of three things - honor, integrity, and toughness. And a grown man, faking an injury, rolling around on the field fails all three of those tests.

"There's no honor in faking an injury. There is no integrity because you are lying about it. And there's no toughness because you are in front of millions of people, and you're rolling around on the field, crying - CRYING - about a fake injury that never happened."

"Listen folks, if you want your son to grow up to be a man, don't have him run around on a field kicking a ball, get him wrestling."

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