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"What's wrong???
Too much to describe my friend. I met someone that was in a mine staring at a SEVEN METER THICK layer of straight up gold... Two people died in that mine the day I slept next to it on the road, stuck in the mud, out of gas, and battery dead. The guys pay was maybe 2 dollars a day if he was lucky, normally one dollar, sometimes he just got fed. Proof shows over 350 MILLION dollars is illegally smuggled into just Uganda every year. Congo SHOULD be the richest country on the planet, but corruption, greed, and cold-heartedness turns men into animals. Mainly, the influence that wrecked this country came from the outside... That is the truth. They sit on oil, gas, diamonds, gold, silver, copper, tin, titanium, coltan, etc. They have 27 TRILLION dollars of natural resources... But they are the POOREST country on the planet."

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pygmy#Slavery :

In the Republic of Congo, where Pygmies make up 2% of the population, many Pygmies live as slaves to Bantu masters. The nation is deeply stratified between these two major ethnic groups. The Pygmy slaves belong from birth to their Bantu masters in a relationship that the Bantus call a time-honored tradition. Even though the Pygmies are responsible for much of the hunting, fishing and manual labor in jungle villages, Pygmies and Bantus alike say Pygmies are often paid at the master's whim; in cigarettes, used clothing, or even nothing at all.

Real Life Superhero!

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"When I was told I had dysentery, as well, I realized I was battling three of the top sicknesses that killed the Pygmies, all at once. I realized it was another opportunity to connect with my family. This is what I’d come for. I came to learn, not with statistics, but with my heart, mind, body, and soul. I had to learn what the Pygmies went through by going through it myself. "

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